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Newsflash: Affluent Clients Can Make or Break Your Business



My Proven Methods Will Immediately Help

You Find the Elusive Millionaire Buyer,

Bring You An Endless Stream Of New Wealthy Prospects

AND Show You The Easiest Way to Keep These

Profitable Clients.


Dear Colleague:

Did you know that in 2009, the number of US households with a net worth of 1 million or more (excluding primary residence) swelled to 7.8 million?

Everybody talks about the Millionaire Next Door, but nobody tells you how to find them and market to them.

Who the heck are these people and how do you explode your profits by finding and  selling to them?

Not easy. If you're rich, you spend a lot of money to remain anonymous. Most of the information on the wealthy comes from anonymous surveys they fill out about their buying habits.

Here's the problem... 

Most of the books, programs and tips are

from 'experts' who have NEVER  sold or marketed

anything to the affluent.

There’s been no way for you to get inside

the head of the affluent buyer.

Until now.

As someone who is actively seeking more wealthy clients, where do you go for help? You know how valuable the income stream can be from acquiring just one new upscale client, but there's so little good information about this very secretive group.

There are 21 million affluent households in the United States alone. That's twenty-one million customers who don't buy on price!

That's right. A RECESSION PROOF CONSUMER! Isn't that what every business needs right now?

When it comes to the affluent, it’s not just the business you gain from one client, but the potential referrals they can bring to you. In my years of Selling to Millionaires I had several clients who became ‘Rainmakers’ for me. They referred friends, family members and business associates. For me, that was tens of millions in new business.

When Was The Last Time

Someone Gave You A


6 Million Dollars?

It happened to me.

I spend my days talking to the ‘Titans of Business’.  These years of selling to High Net Worth prospects have given me an ‘up close and personal view’ of why the rich buy what they buy.  You won't find that in a survey sent to a multi-millionaire.

In fact, unlike every other program available to you, this isn’t a market research survey of the wealthy. It’s from me coming right out and asking someone, "Why do you buy the products you buy"?

You’re going to be surprised by their answers. I know I was.

You can’t assume that a millionaire has the same decision-making process as you or I.

My first prospect had just sold his

company for 200 million dollars.

Two hundred million. He had 4 companies he was considering for fractional ownership. Why did he buy from me? It didn’t happen quickly or easily.

You see, even though I had 15 years of professional sales experience and had spent my last 2 years at General Electric selling to CEO’s and CFO’s of large hospitals, I was completely unprepared for selling to millionaires. This might puzzle you. After all, it’s widely recognized that a few years at GE is like getting an MBA. A real world MBA.

So….with 15 years of sales experience, and my real world MBA, why was I so ill prepared to sell to millionaires?

I had to get over the Fear Factor. I had to stop getting stars in my eyes when I talked to celebrities. I had to learn to go ‘toe-to-toe’ in negotiations and walk away with a deal that was good for the customer and didn’t bankrupt the company. Not an easy task.

With all my years pounding the pavement as a sales rep, you might wonder why this sale was so different?

black-arrow-01_R Because millionaires don’t make buying decisions the way other people do.

I didn’t understand their buying mindset. My first sale took me 6 months. It should’ve closed in two. My learning curve cost me, and my company, several multi-million dollar deals. This doesn't have to happen to you.

Within a year, I was one of the top sales reps in my company. The only woman to succeed in this male-dominated industry.

How did I accomplish this so quickly…when I started out behind the curve? Easy. I figured out what sales message ‘resonated’ with the wealthy prospects I was talking to every day.

This message works with the Millionaire Next Door or the ultra-affluents...people worth 20 million or more. 


"Susan Adams's program Selling to Millionaires is more than superb information—it could be business-saving and world-changing for just about any of us visionary entrepreneurs. There are two huge trends at work in society that make it crucial information for us to have and implement: the huge growth in the affluent to super-affluent demographics worldwide, and the drastic losses in net worth and capital for discretionary spending that so many of our mid-level income customers and clients are suffering. This will squeeze many of us nearly out of business unless we learn how to "sell to millionaires." Literally.

"I keep listening to the different modules of Ms. Adams's recordings again and again, each time picking up information I didn't catch the first time or haven't really noticed reading the transcripts. If you are under the impression that you probably can't tailor all or a significant part of your business to the affluent, and in the process make your work much more profitable and enjoyable, that's all the more good reason to invest in this program. Susan Adams is a superb teacher, not least because she has walked her talk for years. Her extraordinary focus on integrity, mutual respect, and the wisdom of deep listening and straight communication with affluent customers will positively affect how you conduct your business—and maybe even your life."
—Saniel Bonder, author, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split,; columnist, Good Business International,


"Sophisticated branding and marketing will get you talking to the highly affluent, but it's relationship selling that will close the deal. Selling to Millionaires brings you insights and ideas on how to interact with an audience that very few people understand like Susan Adams.

This program is an integral part of any marketing plan I would develop for selling to the affluent".
Lawrence Hefler, BrandShares International, Orlando, FL


Lessons like this, on how to develop relationships with the super-affluent, became worth tens of thousands in commission dollars to me. They’re also worth tens of thousands to you. Face the facts…

An Affluent Consumer Can Afford Any Product or Service, So Why Should They Buy From You?

As a business owner, or sales person, do you know the answer to this critical question? If you don’t, how do you expect to attract and keep high net worth clients?

 black-arrow-01_R   Some facts on the average millionaire:

                          Their average age is 50.

                          The majority are self-made.

                          FAMILY is extremely important.

                          The younger they are, the more time they spend on the internet.


One of My Clients Owned

Homes in 4 States. He Purchased

4 Brand New BMW 7’s: One To

Put In Each Garage.

And he bought all 4 cars from his LOCAL BMW DEALER!


Because he had a relationship with the car dealer. This car dealer understood something that you need to know:

  • It’s Not About Buying Products….It’s About Establishing Relationships.  Relationships with Affluent Buyers That Lead To Future Business

Is there something about your business that says to an affluent prospect, "I’d feel comfortable establishing a relationship with these people?" Does everyone in your organization understand the importance of Ritz carlton service delivered at Fedex speed?

Transform your business. From a business that sells things to a business that establishes relationships with your wealthy clients. They’re two completely different ideas. Ideas you’ll learn about in Selling to Millionaires.

This is what Doug had to say about the difficulty of finding information on a market that's so secretive...


Excellent work, Susan. This is a hard-hitting, take no prisoners marketing course that offers 'inside information' to anyone looking to tap into the market for selling to millionaires.

Your 3-pronged approach (book, workbook and CD's) offers strong, targeted marketing techniques to reach this lucrative market.
Doug Allen Dammeier, Sales Coach, Summit Lake, WA


Selling to Millionaires has exclusive insights that are not being shared anywhere else.

Networking tips, joint venture recommendations, sales copy advice and what NOT to say once you have a prospects attention... and that's just the first half of the program... there's such a mountain of value here that I can't imagine going without it.

Nathan Gilder, Tampa Florida


Every Day, I Turn on CNBC and

See Business Leaders I’ve Shared

‘Boxed Lunches’ With in the Golf Cart


Who am I and how do I know what works when selling to the affluent?

Let me take a few seconds to introduce myself.

My name is Susan Adams. I've been selling private aviation products and services for 10 years. I was successfully selling in the tech bubble, the aftermath of 9/11, and in 2008, the worst recession since the early 1980's. I'm a true insider into the buying motivations of this special group.

I've golfed with David Duval, raced cars with Bobby Rahal

 and dined with CEO's from Fortune 100 Companies.

While many sales people get ‘pushed aside’ by the affluent, I'm in a position to study their buying habits. Why do they select one product over another….one company over another? Do 'deals' get them to sign on? How important is 'service after the sale'?

I have a ‘front row seat’ to observe their buying habits and motivations. Very few sales people get the opportunity to study the affluent. That’s why there aren’t any products on the market that help you understand how to grow your business with this exclusive group. Until now.

I have conversations every day with people who had a net worth in excess of twenty million dollars. I develope relationships that help me to understand the special level of service that the affluent expect from any company they might buy from. If your business doesn’t have a message that talks about exceptional service, you’re missing an easy opportunity to attract these high-paying clients.

I have the one thing every one wants: ACCESS. If you don’t have access, you need this program. Because I know how to help you get it. You won’t believe how simple it is or how little it can cost.

I can help you…

  • TALK to the wealthy
  • FIND THE BUYING TRIGGERS that compel them to buy
  • NEGOTIATE a successful contract

If you can master this in your business, you’ll immediately increase your number of affluent buyers. And overnight increase your sales.

What kind of insights do I have that can help you with the affluent?

Ask Dan Kennedy. He recently featured an interview with me in his newsletter and had me as a special guest on a

teleseminar. How many people are personally interviewed by Dan Kennedy? Not many.

Only those with top notch pedigrees in their business niche.

Dan Kennedy knows what will make you a long term success: Finding customers who are 'recession proof'.

I know how to find them and help you convert them to buyers!

What makes Selling to Millionaires so different? It's the kind of information that only comes from someone who has day-to-day contact with the affluent. Not someone who followed them around with a tape recorder and asked a bunch of questions.

Selling to Millionaires is something you won’t find anywhere in the marketplace. Something I would have paid thousands of dollars for when I started selling jets. Why? Because you only get one opportunity with a millionaire buyer. Blow it and they’re gone for good.

Listen to just one recording and you’ll walk away with at least three ideas that will help you grow your business today.

That's what Maria found, after listening to ONE RECORDING!


Anyone targeting this niche simply MUST have this information. It'll save so much time and effort, especially if you're not experienced in selling to the very wealthy. The content goes much deeper than the typical "know your customer/target market", and the information provided really gets the ideas popping and your mindset on the most effective level . I was really excited as I listened to the recordings because I knew that it would be easy to take every bit of what was provided and apply it to any business.

Being in the financial services industry, I'm well aware that you may need to take a very different approach to attract wealthy individuals to your product or service . There are so many similar businesses out there, but the difference is that the ones who succeed at attracting the very wealthy have discovered the selling triggers that are unique to this market. And that's what sets them apart. There's no doubt a totally different mindset here that many business owners might not be aware of.

"Selling to Millionaires", will really zap your thought process into overdrive, and unlock the secrets to emotional triggers that are very specific to this group. 
Maria Flynn, Florida


Ask Yourself….How MUCH is ONE new client worth to you?


Change the Course of Your Business.


Eric Cole creates profitable joint venture opportunities with the affluent and specializes in ‘high end’ relationships…


As a Business Growth Strategist, relationships are everything in my business. Susan's system gave me the confidence to do what I naturally do. Build relationships. Typical selling advice was just not working for me.

Susan's in-the-trenches stories show it makes a lot of financial sense to build sincere relationships with your affluent prospects.
Eric Cole, Bellingham WA


If your business gains just one new client from this important system, it’s paid for itself. Imagine the EDGE you’ll have against your competitors!


The Selling to Millionaires Experience Includes

Module 1: How to Access the Affluent

  • How to sponsor an event for millionaires…and get other people to pay for it
  • Discover the most powerful, and least used way to get an affluent prospect to CALL YOU!
  • How to build a customer referral program that triples your client referrals
  • Why your BIGGEST COMPLAINERS are actually your BEST CUSTOMERS!
  • How to prospect for wealthy clients…even if you’re not in a big city.

 Module 2: The Millionaires Buying Mindset

  • Selling features and benefits is the fastest way to lose affluent prospects
  • How to develop a service message that crushes your competitors
  • How to make sure your sales people don’t ‘kill’ the sale
  • How to stop your sales people from NEGOTIATING AWAY the value of your products

Module 3: Buying Triggers for Wealthy Prospects

  • Tap into your prospects emotions and they will always buy from you
  • How to use REGRET to get your prospects to buy quickly
  • Are you losing business because it’s too difficult to do business with your company?
  • PEER PRESSURE: How to make it work for you when selling to affluent prospects
  • How to find local ‘High Profile’ influencers to help you convert more prospects to clients

Module 4: How to Stay In Front of A WEALTHY CLIENT…Without Being a Pest

  • How to STOP being intimidated and get CONTROL of the sales process
  • Why Christmas/Holiday cards are the WORST way to keep in front of your new affluent client
  • Are your sales people waiting for return calls….only to find out their prospect is out buying from a competitor?
  • Weeding out tire kickers….the easy way!
  • Are you setting the benchmarks that your competitors must follow?


Start Selling to Millionaires TODAY!! 


It took me over 5 years of selling to the wealthy to accumulate this invaluable information. Five years of listening to them tell me what turned them off when they were talking to sales people. This five years of information is now available to you in one simple package.

 Do You Know the WORST Time

To Call a Prospect Who Is A



I'll give you a hint. He speaks once a month to Congress and runs the Federal Reserve. Never call any multi millionare when the Fed Chairman is testifying before Congress.


 The Difference in Buying Mindset

Between a Millionaire who is 35 and

One Who is 65?

These are things you need to know if you’re to be successful marketing and selling to the affluent.

If you’re approaching your wealthy prospects the same way you approach any other potential customer, then you’re running in quicksand. They don’t just expect quality products and services, they demand it. And if your company can’t meet these expectations, they’ll move on to someone else who will.

How do You Tailor Your Marketing Message to Attract Wealthy Prospects?
I answer this for you in Section 3, Pages 68-70.

If your prospect walks down the street to a competitor, will they hear the same things they just heard from you? If that’s the case, they’ll end up buying on price.

It’s not only a lost sale, it’s a lost opportunity.

You see, selling to the affluent isn’t just about the ONE sale you get…it’s about the endless stream of business and referrals each potential client brings to your business.

Once you know who you’re selling to and why they make buying decisions, you’ll know how to maximize your opportunities and develop a message that compels prospects to buy.

This program has been developed for serious entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business leaders who understand the importance of growing their business with the affluent buyer.

Jim Lange, CPA, Attorney and best-selling author of Retire Secure, had this to say about Susan's sales expertise!



In a few sessions with Susan, I was able to develop sales and marketing materials that are more customer-focused. As a business owner, I knew I could be closing more clients. I needed a 'second pair of eyes' to look at sales and marketing and sharpen the message.

She found subtle and unique ways to do this so my clients are much more engaged in my presentation.

If you're looking for selling tools that help you close more clients, Susan can help your business the way she helped mine.

Jim Lange, Pittsburgh PA



 Why is Selling to Millionaires So Unique?


  • It will take your business to the next level and bring you new clients who don't buy on price! Isn't that what every business owner dreams about?
  • It’s been designed by a sales person for sales people. I speak your language.
  • It helps you develop fresh marketing ideas to bring new affluent prospects to your business.
  • It gives your sales people different approaches to turn these prospects into new clients.
  • It was developed by someone who knows how these people think. I’m not some guy with a doctorate, sending out a bunch of surveys to find out why millionaires BUY WHAT THEY BUY!!
  • It’s ‘real life stuff’. You can pick up any module and come a way with an immediate Action Plan.


Maybe you’re saying to yourself ...."You sell access to jets. How does that help me in my local market"?


This program isn’t about how I sold jets. This system takes my proven ideas, methods and practices and shows you how to fit them to your business. Whether you're targeting the mass affluent, or the super-affluent, this program will help you find and sell to them.

Matt Numrich was skeptical when he purchased Selling to Millionaires. He had read all the books which sell for a fraction of what this program costs.

This is the note he sent me after completing the program...


Reading countless books over my years, has helped me realize that the most effective books are those which make a call for action.  This is another reason I took a liking to your material when comparing it to the other books.  The workbook, which corresponds to the audio portion, leads the reader/listener through a cluster of questions on each topic. 

Let me interject some brutal honesty here:  The questions are not always easy, but that is why I believe the material is that much more valuable.  The questions are supposed to challenge you as the reader.  I had to come back a couple times to reread and reanswer some of the questions.  I am a big believer in the idea that if you want different answers you must ask different questions, and that is what this program does.

Let me add that your material does let the participant customize the information to their particular industry.  Much of the “selling to the affluent” material is focused on the wealth management areas and occupations.  However, your program let’s one dive into their own unique area, and apply it to their business.  I found the “Action Flow Chart” which has you evaluate your own local area, heavily underline this point.  

Your personal, customized roadmap to attract and market to affluent prospects.

What do you receive when you INVEST in Selling to Millionaires? 

  • 5 CD’s jam-packed with information, stories and sales advice.
  • Over 100 pages of audio transcripts. Read and highlight the important points that will help you sell more products.
  • TWO workbooks
  • Workbook 1 has 30 pages of 'how to' exercises for the beginner.
  • Workbook 2 takes you through 25 pages of thought -provoking exercises.
  • Exercises that help you find joint venture partners, develop new marketing approaches and get inside the head of the affluent buyer.
  • A personal guide, developed by Susan to help you match the transcripts and recordings  with the appropriate segments in workbook #1.
  • PLUS…Flowcharts developed to help you immediately get a plan into action




This 5-CD set contains over 286 minutes of audio 

 You will receive 2 Extra Bonus Recordings:

Internet Marketing to the Affluent: This special 30 minute recording will give you ideas no one has ever talked about. How to use the internet to find, and connect with affluent buyers. This alone is worth hundreds of dollars to an entrepreneur. It's about using the internet to create relationships that lead to sales opportunities.


The FEAR Factor:  How to approach an affluent buyer and be considered a peer. If they consider you a peer, you can crank up the referral machine because they will come fast and furious. You'll never again worry about recessions, stock market fluctuations or doom and gloom in the media. You'll have profitable buyers lining up to do business with you.


Special Report: "The AGE of Your Wealthy Prospect Provides Hidden Clues on IF They Will Buy From You": $99 Value!!

Do you know the difference between selling to someone who just acquired their wealth vs. someone who has been wealthy for 10 years? If you’re using the same sales techniques, you’re wasting your time. They buy for completely different reasons. See what they those reasons are in this Special Report. This invaluable information sells for $99. It’s yours free when you order today.


  • Special Report: "How to Effectively Network with the Affluent Prospect". $29 VALUE!

You’re finally in a room with movers and shakers. Don’t blow it by talking about the wrong things. In this report, I offer 5 tips (tested by me) on how to talk to people without selling anything.


  • Million Dollar Marketing Secrets: 22 Top Pros Share Their Time Tested Sales and Marketing Secrets. $19.95 VALUE

In this book, you’ll find tips on gaining publicity for yourself, internet marketing and joint venturing.


  • Free Ebook: How to Develop Your Business Unique Selling Proposition. $89 VALUE!!

In this 30 page ebook, I walk you through how to develop a sales and marketing message that makes you unique. If you can’t make yourself different, you’ll never succeed with the affluent buyer.


  • FREE REPORT: How to Create the Service Edge to Immediately Differentiate yourself from Your Competitor’s. $39 VALUE!!

That’s what it’s all about as a sales person. Finding ways to talk about 'service' and making it the top priority for your affluent prospect.

That’s $275.95 in FREE bonuses simply by ordering today. Plus the Bonus Recordings which are easily worth $500.00

These bonuses are all tools to help you succeed with the affluent market.


You'll be Amazed to Learn That 

Your investment is just $597!!


That includes the $775 in FREE Bonuses!

You notice I've said INVESTMENT.  That's what this program investment in your future success.

It's Less than One Cup a Day of Starbucks Coffee.  Your coffee may be costing you more than this program.  May I ask, how much money is your coffee making for you?

Thousands of dollars of unique, never-seen-before information, for just $597!  If this had been available when I started selling jets, it would've been a no-brainer for me.  One new client made me thousands, so why wouldn't I have spent $597?




 Get a Jump on the Competition and

Start Selling to Millionaires!




To Increasing Your Income,

Susan Adams 



PS—Have a question about Selling to Millionaires? Call me at 412-422-1288 or email I’m happy to answer your questions.

PPS—Maybe you think this isn't the best time to be making an investment and seeking out a new type of customer. You couldn't be more WRONG. Go where the money is. Find the clients who aren't concerned about gas prices, foreclosures and election uncertainties. The affluent are ready and waiting with their wallets open. It's up to you to invest in your success and go find them!



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